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 I am a pure, japan crazed otaku. My brother always calls me the energizer bunny... >>
I can run on Pixie Sticks and Mountain Dew. My nickname? They call me the insane-psychotic-person who no one can keep up with.
I am between the age of five to twenty five. By the way, if you DON'T know that I'm a girl by now...you're a complete baka. -_-' yay 4 sugar! =DDDDDDD -looks @ clock in the bottom of screen- 22:40 naptime!


........hmmm, I'm way to old for you so don't ask. If you cant say something smart don't say anything, stupidity pisses me off and you don't want to end up in the back of my locker like that other guy...I'm attracted to bowl cuts and I think bushy eyebrows are sexy......>.< I am the founder of the SSS! LOCK YOUR DOORS! (Ryudori: as if that will help...)


Well i am multi-dimensional! I have many talents as well! I like to sing, dance, step, draw (of course!), shop, and flirt lol! I am a kind person and aslo very strange to people. I don't many stupid things just for the fun of it! At times i CAN be very very serious about certian stuff. At times i can be sensitive. I fantisize alot about anime and life.
Um... i like video games and i like girl stuff too! My favorite color is yellow! OMG i just LOVE yellow! :) And... yupp!


Black dragon is ANBU

the rest of the file is top secret