I need all staff to create a paragraph about themselves! I need to put them on the About us page. E-mail me or use the contact form! I need those ASAP!

general staff populace

Gurus Wanted!!!!!!

the naruto Q/A page is lacking  one thing. two other people to help answer questions. Contact me @:

The Vault

If ANYONE has a site they want send it to me with a description, I will check it out to make sure it wont kill someones poor computer then put it in

The Home Page's New Look

 I don't know whether or not to keep the new one or the old one, please help!

To those wondering why the chats start over after a while

this is the easiest way to stop not only lag but confusion, people seeing inopropriate things (because some anons will come and party hardy....) and spammed things from filling our chats. I do it approx. 1 time a month unless something happens.

to a specific RN staff member/ rank

Attention All ANBU

 I really want to have your code names so I can make ANBU account on chatango for you to use while on the active duty list.


The SSS page is scarce of life and activity here! I am counting on you to give me bits of info, pics, announcements and etc... for me to put on there!!! =D