Welcome To The One Stop Naruto Otaku Network!!!

Moshi Moshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to Rasengan Naruto a fandom
made for us crazed otakus!
I'm currently searching for
trustworthy, reliable and honest
people to help run this site.
Feel free to send me a message!
Just use the contact form below.
If you wish to become a staff member,
just tell me the position you want,
why you want it
and why I should 'hire' you.


New Features!!!

The SSS page now features the SSS chat room from chatango

I have just recently
added music to
the chat page!
The play list is
 @ the bottom
below the
moderator list!

 The staff now
 has its own page!
( It now has a chat
for the staff only )

The Vault is
under construction...

Ranks/Open Positions

Kage: taken =3Sanin: 1 slot left ANBU: 3 slots open Jonin: 3 slots open Special Jonin: All slots open Chunin: 4 slots open Genin: All slots open

Note: I CAN promote OR DEMOTE as I see fit. I will absolutely NOT tolerate Nukenin.
Kage- I run the site 24/7. I am the only ruler of this site. I will take on any problem. I will never abuse my power.

- They are my moderators/ consultants/ advisers. If you have a problem you can go to them as well.

: these guys will be able to bann or flag as they see fit. RESPECT THEM! They will also report to me on what goes on when I am gone. They are good at stealth and their real identities unknown by all but the higher ups.

: these guys Train genin and yes, they MIGHT take odd jobs and DO take missions.

Special Jonin
: They help others find their way around the village.

: they help monitor the laws and can assess them. they also give me feedback.

: these guys do all of the odd jobs. Don't underestimate them either. They know the site well.

- only those who break my laws and I bann will be labeled this. I will not make ranks for such. If ANYONE sees them, they are to IMMEDIATELY flag/ report.

Contact Ryudori?




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