THe Dance 09/30/2008

 My friend and I went to homecoming together!!!!! o.o He went all out....
 Applebees, pictures, tickets, wrist corsage and opening doors..... ^^

Power Down 09/20/2008

>_< AHHHH my power went out for like, three days! poor D=

 Mr.Milk went bad..... TT^TT I like my Mr.Milk!


I have 5 drawing requests 3 series request 2 of my own a fanfiction to write and edit only kami knows how many times 7 AMVs to edit over 100 more pics to load into the vault (which i got to do 1 by 1...) and make 6 icons meanwhile somehow getting sleep and schoolwork done


SQQQQUUUUEEEEEEEEE! I met my favorite voice actor @ the con. YAY!!! He called me a sweetie and huggled me!!!! (my reaction 2 this was like if Sakura was asked out by sasgay erm, Sasuke.... after I left of course. ^-^) Anywho, I met Aaron Dismuke as well, boy was he random.... ^-^' His randomness was close 2 mine!!! o.o But on a completely different note, I got their autographs. On my lil' blue wallet/ clutch purse. =D Vic put a heart on it. and I was all Yay. ^6^ Isn't that nice?

Excited!!! 06/24/2008

Yay! Not only do I get to sleep in my own bed again, I also get to go to my second con!!!! W00T! CC08!!!! -dances with Kakashi and Gaara- (which I pulled out of my dimensional pocket! =P) =DDDDD

Florida 06/04/2008

I'm going to my cousins' house! =DDD
I leave in 2 days! TheAngelRaine will be in charge and will be helped by my other sanin, NaomiBear. I wont be back until the 24th. Be evi- I mean good! >>

Fan-fiction 05/28/2008

I have been re-writing my fan fiction for a few months and I'm on page 29! YAY! =DDDD -is writing in a notebook- >.<


Today I have been given a lot of duties to carry out... T.T
This includes the most evil duty of all, HOME WORK!!!!!! TT_TT
They won't let me escape!!!!! >_<'



    My Character: Hello. I am Ryudori Abunai. My uncle sealed an eight tailed artic fox demon inside of me exactly like Minato-oji did. Im 25 and BADAZZ! I gained chunin at 6 in Hyoukagure and ANBU head capt. at 10 in Sunakagure. I now live in Konohakagure. Ability: Ice and crystal exactly like Gaara but in a prism. Gaara stole my idea! D= Fav. Jutsu: Hyouton:Ice Coffin! Imperial Crystal Funeral. Alias: Shiro Namikaze I am a member of the SSS and Ruler of Ask Zabuza and Ryudoris corner  on theotaku. I am creator of Rasengannaruto. FEAR ME!!!! Or give me a box of cookies....>>