The Vault

The Vault is a mixture of sites that the staff and I recommend, Pictures of the Naruto cast and other Naruto related items. This page will most likely be the most active in growth as I have to many pictures/sites to write about...... -_-''' ehehe.....


 This site is very informative of the series.

 free manga scans as well

OneManga is a site that carries many manga scans for people to read for free and without the need to sign-up. They have the best Naruto scans I have seen so far.

Photobucket is one of many sites I turn to in order to find Naruto pictures. It is easy, free, fast, safe and reliable.

 Naruto-tv is a site that has every episode of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden to date. No logging in, no fees, it is completely free. They carry 2 'versions' of each episode.